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For whosoever really wants to know exactly what’zup with the artist/author/imagineer

David Alexander English                     Acrylic on raw canvas. Stretched to fit the cover of my novel ENOCH

Hello again, welcome, and thank you for being here. I’m reviving my newsletter and you’re receiving this because sometime in the past you either signed up on my website or in person at my booth on Venice Beach boardwalk, or connected with me via email through either daenglish@gmail or davidalexanderenglish@yahoo. This is a check to see if you’d like to continue to receive future installments of the newsletters. At any time you can fully opt out of receiving any future newsletters by sending me an email and I’ll manually delete you from my list. If I don’t hear from you to that effect, I’ll assume you’re cool with continuing the conversation. 

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In case you were wondering what happened to the first iteration of the newsletter of over 1500 subscribers, thanks to the internet godz, one day it all just simply went poof and/or got swallowed by a google burp or sompthin without so much as a whimper or explanation...several years work gone in an instant. Sure you can relate. So sad... Kind of put me off recreating my empire/petty fiefdom for a long while. But all during the years that followed the need to rebuild would become very obvious when I would finish a project and there was only the usual social media channels to promote it. Fast forward to just recently as I've been experiencing a tremendous creative expansion that only seems to be accelerating.

For instance, in the past ten years I’ve written and self published 28 books, eight in the past year. In the past four years I’ve written and published eight novels and five full color nonfiction works on divine metaphysics, 1100 pages of original words on my original paintings and photographs, including a yearlong series of ten questions I posted daily on social media. Each page is designed to be a print on canvas as part of a traveling exhibition.

Also just since 2016 I’ve started creating MUSIC. Honestly didn’t see that coming. In addition to having recorded three audiobook versions of some of my books; I’ve composed, recorded, and produced five albums in three different musical genres. Released three albums so far this year on all the major streaming services worldwide.


The Raw Creativity Suite is what I was listening to while writing all those novels. So I packaged it up into its own album. It’s all A' Capella. Now available on all major streaming services worldwide.

( Spoken word  & funky beats album, available worldwide via all major streaming services )

The latest album, is something I’m very excited and proud to share with the world:

(More than 6 hours of music over 12 tracks. No words or percussion. * "Neath" is a most ancient name for The Goddess as the night sky, The Great Cosmic Mother. ) Now available on most major streaming services:







Google Play Music:

 So what else’z new?! 

Here are links to a couple interviews I gave this year that came out well and cover a lot of what I’ve been given to understand:



Since Fall 2007 I have written and self published 28 books, four movies, more than 50 original musical compositions comprising six albums, and over a thousand raw canvas paintings. Bubbas been busy. Goin for the record. Eight novels, and five nonfiction books on Divine Metaphysics since July 2015. Did a solo installation at Burning Man 2016. Did over 225 installments of David’s Livestreamin’ Artshow on youtube and fblive.  One of the novels Learning to Fly…? is a graphic novel I made into a 90 minute animated feature. This is the painting I did for the cover:  


The other novels are at

The Immortal - A Metaphysical Love Story (Oct. 2015); 

Never - A Novel - Whom do the gods worship…? (Dec. 2016);

Woke - A SciFi Novel of the Current 4th and Coming 5th World Ages (Feb. 2017);

Hero Practice - A Metaphysical Novel (Oct. 2017);

Open - A Novel Based on the True Story Of Those Who Remembered to Keep the Top of Their Head Open To the Rest of the Universe, The Survivors Of the Destruction/Purification of the Third World By Flood 12,000 Years Ago, And Their Emergence Into The Fourth World Age... (Feb. 2018)

Enoch - a novel written in the first person, from his perspective on his extraordinary life and beyond. (May 2018)

Ever - a Metaphysical love story. (Nov.2018)


On the morning of April 21st 2017 I started a project where I wrote ten questions on divine metaphysics everyday and post them on social media with an original photograph; then about every 90 days I compiled them into a book with my original photos and paintings. Each book is approximately 200 pages. Each 6”x 9” page is designed to be a 6ft x 9ft print on canvas, as part of a traveling exhibition. The fourth book of the yearlong series was published in July 2018, and is the seventh book of the Divine Metaphysics series. The inspiration was the book I published in 2015 called Absolute Truth…? Some of what the universe has given me to understand…? Divine Metaphysics 103. Wrote this 200pg. work in 45 days and took another 45 to format and publish. 120 of these pages are what I showed at my 2016 Burning Man installation entitled THE ORACLE OF ABSOLUTE TRUTH…? 

The other titles are: Immortality…? Everlasting Immortal Life…? D.M. #104; Infinite Love..? D.M. #105; Divine Communion…? D.M. #106; The Path of Self Initiation…? D.M. #107.

With the images from the last five Divine Metaphysics books #103 through #107, we’d be looking at around 1,000 images for a traveling exhibition. Brainstorming a combination of conscious corporate sponsorship and crowdfunding to pull this off so Stay Tuned.

In this same decade I’ve made two feature length documentaries “Emergence: Beyond 2012?” ( ) and “Return of the Magi Remix” (  as a fundraiser for my friend and astrological mentor the late Kelly Lee Phipps for his son Arian’s college fund). Two years ago I also created a hand-drawn 90 minute animated feature of my graphic novel “Learnin’ To Fly...?”. This will be made available to be streamed on Amazon Video on Demand later this summer. 

I've also recorded over 200 episodes of David’s Live Streamin’ Artshow on YouTube and FB. Where I would often paint live on Venice boardwalk some of my sacred geometry paintings. I continue to paint canvas, and have added another thousand new acrylic-on-raw-canvas paintings to The Sacred Geometry Paintings (TM) Series in the past decade.

("Labyrinth of Labyrinths...?" Acrylic on raw canvas, c2019)

And you missed all that because I was too busy to revive the newsletter, and the algorithms of social media companies have made it impossible to reach all of our friends, so they can sell us ads to boost our posts. Selling our social connections back to us. Enough.
These practices have led me to take an eight month hiatus from social media. In that time besides writing more books and composing music, and drawing a movie version of my novel Enoch that I wrote and published last year;
since NewYears 2019 I’ve been creating a daily mindfulness app for smartphones called DAEly. 

You can sneak a peek at

This will be available in both the google play and apple app stores over the summer. Will update you as soon as these multinational corporations get with the program. It's a free daily Oracle, Master Almanac, and Mindfulness Cosmic Toolkit App. Interesting?

Drawing Enoch the novel 

as a movie! 

Recorded the five hour audiobook fall 2018. Started drawing it on an iPad pro in Jan. 2019 with an Apple Pencil and using the drawing program Procreate and the video editing software Lumafusion. Have the first five minutes done so far. Thinking of releasing it as an episodic by the chapter. Stay tuned. 

Got invited to speak on a panel at WonderCon in Anaheim this spring. Might be on a panel at ComicCon this July...after this year’s National Rainbow Gathering near Iron River, Wisconsin. Then there’s spending some time on the Cape and Vineyard mid-summer and the possibility of painting some more sacred geometry at Burning Man…

And we haven't even talked about either The KoxmiK Toolkit 

the exciting new developments in the Emergence Project. This was to be the sequel to the Emergence: Beyond 2012? documentary (2010) and companion book (2012). This is about the archeological sites I discovered in the Los Padres National Forest of Big Sur in 1994 and 2009. These latest developments have inspired me to complete the follow up. More about this next time. Until then thanks for sharing the life of this artist and spreading the love...