David’s NFT’s


The original image was painted on 3.5.2021 at Zuma Beach, CA, USA with acrylic paint on raw canvas using a watercolor technique by the contemporary, visionary artist David Alexander English. The image is a variation of the flower of life, the most basic structure of the universe, and the primary image in the study of sacred geometry. It is the electromagnetic field of the universe; the straight lines being the electrical field and the curved lines being the magnetic field. It is a cube of interlocking spheres in which the center of one sphere is the edge of the next. There isn’t anything that can exist in the physical universe unless it is made of the flower of life. The original painting was commissioned to raise $ for housing during cancer treatments. 

On 3/17/2021 there was a limited edition of 22 minted via Rarible.com on the Ethereum blockchain. Follow this link to view the auction of the token:


Follow this link to buy a customizable print of the work on stretched canvas or framed paper: